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My name’s Charwey. Charwey Littlewolf. Don’t think about origin of such name, take it as a fact. Maybe one day I happen to tell you myself. This blog is about… I don’t know yet. After some time, however, I may post some random things. By those I mean all of my DIY stuff and hacks. Besides that, I’m planning to post lots of tabs and chords for guitar. Stolen, of course. Who do you think I am? Actually… maybe one day I’ll even make my own.

On the North-East you can see a menu… sort of. There’s also something called PLC. One of my interests is programming logic computers. What kind of sorcery is that? Visit that site and see for yourself…. If you speak Czech.

So… what’s gonna happen in near future? Basically… nothing much. I don’t have much time (that’s why I started this blog… to have negative amount of free time) and so I’ll just tune up appearance and I even might make up my mind to understand what I want from all this. From time to time I’ll post some stupid-ass thought, some less stupid-ass thought, some really nice stupid-ass thought and last but not least some stupid-ass DIY project. For example a fan. Yes, a fan. That one which blows wind on your face on hot summer days or with which you can make cool sounds. And that’s fun, yaaay! Ehm, sorry, I got a little carried away.

Anyway, thanks for reading, even though that only person, who will ever read this sentence is probably just me, hahaha… That’s not funny. (nah, I’ve never played UnderTale, what is it?)


Howdy! You might have not known, but my name's Charwey. There's literally no need for introduction, since you will find out yourself. Have a great time on my blog-ish thingy!

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