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Acoustic electric guitar?

Everyone who’s ever played acoustic guitar once at least thought about getting electric one too. Well, I’m no exception.

I decided to finally buy an acoustic guitar a few weeks ago. I had my birthday and I got money from my parents to buy guitar of my choice. I decided to buy acoustic, because I can play anywhere I want, mainly at campfires. So I bought Washburn WD-10 in natural, which is very nice looking piece and sounds very good. When I started to learn some tabs, I also started to feel a need for electric guitar. Only problem is that I yet have to save up for it. Which is gonna take some time.. But who’s got time for that? I don’t! I wanted an electric guitar immidiately. Or at least something that would sound like it. And then the ideas started coming.

Let’s do it…?

I’ve made miniature microphone some time ago, which has very low gain as I found out shortly after I finished it. That was unusable for calling, so it has never been used as intended. But now, after few years, it’s perfect for thrusting it into acoustic guitar.

Alright, I got a mic. Now.. How do I connect it to my laptop? Oh, I remember, I still got some never-used junk I made a long time ago, just because I thought I needed it at that time for something. First off, there was this audio-video cable I made for connecting my Nokia N95 to our TV (I used this cable for it’s original purpose maybe two times).

Then I needed to convert CINCH connectors to jack. That was unbelieveably simple solution, because something that’s meant to be used like that lied on my table for some mysterious reason. As I could know, it of course didn’t work. Things usually stop working when I need them, that’s a fact. So I needed a different solution – a cinch-jack audio cable. I just grabbed one from a drawer. Yes, it was THAT simple, there even were no problems with it!

Now… I could connect that A/V cable to PC through that cinch-jack cable, but what about the mic? Well… Remember that junk? It has once again saved me a big trouble, because I found simple female-female jack cable.

Here you can see complete set of cables with mic

And that was it, I finally did it! I put the mic inside my guitar (through the sound hole of course, do you really think I would ruin my precious guitar?), cranked up FL Studio, put Hardcore into mix and BOOM! I had distortion! There was some feedback when I turned the volume too high. Equaliser did it’s job pretty well and I think that if I play with it a bit more next time, I can eliminate the feedback completely. That allows even higher volume. So high that guitar itself can’t be heard and neighbors get all red-hot. But first I gotta learn how to play something… Dammit!

FL Studio setup
The whole setup

Um… I gotta say that this whole thing is more like a rape of my acoustic guitar (much like my playing is a rape of one’s ears), so I probably shouldn’t do it… Even when it does no physical damage to it, I think acoustic guitars shouldn’t be treated like that… Yeah… But really… Who cares, right? It’s just regular cheap entry-level acoustic guitar…

*secretly excuses to it for what I’ve done and convices it that it’s definitely not just regular cheap entry-level acoustic guitar*

Alright, never mind. Here’s the result of my effort:


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