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About me

I’m Charwey. Also unknown as little_wolf, little, Dakid and mikar. Currently 21 years old, diagnosed with ADHD. Which is fun. Most of the time. And it also speaks for itself.

I live in western Czechia. My hobbies include playing guitar, cycling and programming PLCs. I also play some PC game every now and then. My current favorites are UnderTale, Night In The Woods and OneShot. I’m also Bronze V in LoL for some reason (although I’ve won 6/10 games as support. But I don’t give a shit what you think about that, I’m not THAT bad, just playing for fun and not too seriously).

I made this blog because… I dunno. I’ll post various kinds of stuff here, more or less useful. Stuff like tabs, my own songs, DIY stuff, random thoughts etc.

Oh, and I was recreating Space Impact. Yep, that old-school game we all played on our parents’ 3310s. I ended up with like three levels, but whatever, one day I even may finish it.